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Classic Gobi

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Mongolia, the Land of Blue Sky, is a landlocked country in the heart of Eastern Asia, sandwiched between Russia and China. As one of the oldest countries in the world, Mongolia has a long and rich history waiting to be discovered.

Sites Visited:

Ulaanbaatar / Khustai National Park / Karakorum / Hujirt / Ongi / Bayanzag / Khongoriin Sand Dunes

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London Heathrow to Ulaanbaatar

Depart London Heathrow with international flight to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Upon arrival in Mongolia's capital city, Ulaanbaatar, you will be transferred to the hotel. In the afternoon enjoy a leisurely program of sightseeing around the city with a visit to the Natural History Museum where you can view a variety of fossils from animals and dinosaurs living up to 70 million years ago. Dinner will be at a local restaurant.

Accommodation - 4* Bayangol Hotel

Ulaanbaatar to Khustai National Park

b / l / d

This morning after breakfast you will visit Gandan Monastery – the centre of Buddhist Religion in Mongolia. Then you drive to the west of Ulaanbaatar and across the landscape for which Mongolia is most famous-the endless green steppe, with grazing herds of sheep accompanied by lone horsemen, and white, nomadic gers dotted over the countryside.

Our destination is about 2 hours to the west to a place known as Khustai National Park. This is where they have the on-going project "Reintroducing wild horses back to their homeland". In the evening you will see the wild horses grazing in the mountain. 

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Khustai National Park to Karakorum

b / l / d

This morning you will drive to the ancient capital of Mongolia, Karakorum. Very little remains of the place from where Genghis Khan launched his mighty cavalry. What does remain near the town is the massive walls of the resplendent Erdenezuu Monastery. This monastery had to face the onslaught of Soviet desecration during the 19th century but is now being slowly and lovingly restored. You will visit the monastery and head onto the ger camp at the riverbank of Orkhon. Later you can do some art and antique shopping in Karakorum.

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Karakorum to Hujirt

b / l / d

Today you drive to Tovkhon Monastery, rested on the armchair-shaped peak of Shireet Ulaan Mountain at a height of 2,312 meters. The monastery was built by the initiative of Zanabazar and is the place where many of his most famous artworks were created. To the right of the temple a path leads upward to the summit of the peak. One branch of the path leads to the so-called Mother's Womb, a narrow passageway which pilgrims crawl through to be symbolically reborn, cleansed of their sins. In the afternoon you continue to the ger camp at Hujirt.

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Hujirt to Ongi

b / l / d

Today you head to the Gobi, visiting Shank Monastery on the way. You will then continue driving until you reach the Ongiin hiid. In the Ongi visit the ruins of Ongi Monastery. This monastery was erected about 250 years ago and at that time had almost 1,000 monks worshipping at this place daily. Now, you can locate just a few stupas and one temple that have not been destroyed.

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Ongi to Bayanzag

b / l / d

You head off in the vehicles today to the south and make your way to Bayanzag, the red sandstone cliffs and canyons rich in Saxaul. Bayanzag is well known as the location where the American scholar Roy Chapman Andrews did dinosaur expeditions in the 1920's. The dinosaur remains located in Mongolia through his expeditions are now kept in the Natural History Museum in the United States.

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Bayanzag to Khongoriin Sand Dunes

b / l / d

Today we will drive deep into the Gobi desert, until we reach Khongoriin sand dunes , the largest in Mongolia. The drive is through some incredible desert scenery with flat, stony plains; outcrops of vegetation; hills of interesting rock formations; and herds of wild antelope racing across the plains.

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Khongoriin Sand Dunes

b / l / d

This will be a day of leisure activities at Khongoriin sand dunes. You will hike along the sand hills, visit a local family, and ride two-humped Bactrian camels along the dunes that have a length of 180km and 15-20m wide, lying on the northern part of the mountains of Sevrei.

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Khongoriin Sand Dunes to Eagle Valley to Ulaanbaatar

b / l / d

This morning set out and drive to Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountain Range, which is part of the Altai Mountains, stretching from the northwest corner of Mongolia, reaching the place known as Eagle Valley. This Valley is nestled deep within the hills and is a haven from the desert heat. Some areas of the valley are continually sheltered from the hot sun and house huge blocks of ice that gradually melt away during the summer. This is the area perfect for hiking and if you are lucky enough you might spot ibex and wild sheep grazing high on the rocky walls of the mountains. In the late afternoon drive to a nearby ger camp.

Accommodation - Overnight at Ger Camp

Eagle Valley to Ulaanbaatar

b / l / d

After breakfast drive to the local airport for the return flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar our driver will meet you and take you to the hotel. In the afternoon you will be provided time to spend at your leisure.

Accommodation - 4* Bayangol Hotel


b / l / d

Enjoy a full day of guided sightseeing within the city of Ulaanbaatar. In the morning visit the National history museum – the museum houses impressive displays of Mongolian National and Religious history. Time will be provided in the afternoon to shop for Mongolian cashmere products and souvenirs. Our evening program will be a local concert featuring national music and dancing followed by dinner at a local restaurant.

Ulaanbaatar departure


After breakfast this morning transfer to airport for departure.

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